Our Organic Avenue

Brand Identity Design, Web Design and Development

Our Organic Ave is an organic lifestyle blog. Inspired by her recent visit to provincial Philippines, the blog is written and run by Melissa Burns and the aim of this blog is to share with readers her journey in living an organic lifestyle.

I was comissioned to design and create a recognisable brand for Our Organic Ave - this included developing a website around the Wordpress CMS that Melissa and her contributors could update themselves, creating a logo, designing images for the blog's various social media profiles and business cards.

In science, an organic compound is defined as any substance whose molecules contain carbon. Taking this into consideration, we ensured that the images chosen for the website and the marketing material contained organic material that are naturally occurring in nature, such as wood, vegetables and grains. In accordance to the theme, the logo contains 'flowy' script and a leaf. Not only does it make sense for the overall look of your website, logo and marketing material to reflect your content, but it reinforces the identity and brand amongst the audience, which is a factor in the success of this blog.

Visit the website at www.ourorganicavenue.com

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